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Running a business is a daring adventure, but your IT shouldn’t be.

Your business is your livelihood.

Don’t leave your data unprotected.

Singwa Enterprises, INC. provides IT support services, Cyber Security, professional Consulting, Network support and security for small to mid-sized businesses in the Colorado Springs and Kansas City areas. We work in the background to ensure that you keep doing what you love. We’re passionate about cybersecurity, whether it’s maintaining a secure network, backing up your server, designing a new, fortified website, adding a Cisco firewall, or seamlessly updating your systems. We also offer IT disaster recovery, providing emergency and remote support.

Why Singwa Enterprises, INC. IT Support?

We’ve seen the ‘Google everything’ tech support. They’re persuasive but impractical. Here at Singwa Enterprises, INC., we have over 25 years of IT experience and 6+ years of web design experience. We never leave you guessing. We’re easy to reach and our top priority will always be taking care of you and protecting your data.

Current certifications include Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate, Cisco Certified CCNA, and Cisco Certified Specialist – Security Core.

Jane Waithera Ngigi - Singwa Enterprises, INC. - Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate logo
Jane Waithera Ngigi - Singwa Enterprises, INC - Cisco Certified Specialist - Security Core logo
Jane Waithera Ngigi - Singwa Enterprises, INC. - CCNA - logo

Singwa Enterprises, INC. in Colorado Springs is a Cisco Partner and Sophos Authorized Partner.

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Singwa Enterprises, INC. - Sophos Authorized Partner

At Singwa Enterprises, INC. we provide computer support and services. We Solve Real Problems

What to expect from our IT Solutions


We work quickly and effectively to provide the best results.


Singwa Enterprise, INC. provides extensive support, including access through chat, social media and email.


You are our #1 priority and we focus on what you need in every project we work on.


Singwa Enterprises, INC. is an open and highly honest team that understands what you need.


We use the latest technologies to deliver first-rate security.


We are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of service.

We provide security and peace of mind

What our clients have to say

Hear first-hand from our clients and see if our services match your needs.

Benilde Hall Logo 2021 - Singwa Enterprises, INC

” Benilde Hall Program is a small non-profit agency with a limited budget. Singwa Enterprises, INC. believes in our mission of treating homeless men struggling with addiction in our residential community. Sinwa Enterprises, INC. and Benilde Hall have partnered for over 10 years to assist us in providing the best services for our clients. Singwa Enterprises, INC.’s services are excellent and responsive to our technical needs. Benilde Hall values our partnership with Singwa Enterprises, INC.’s expertise and professionalism.”

William Kent Jewell
Executive Director - Benilde Hall Program.
The Battle Within Logo 2021 - Singwa Enterprises, INC

“After struggling through challenges with my computer and always planning to take time “next week” to deal with it I decided to get help. I was told about Jane and decided to give it a try. Wow, was I ever surprised and delighted. She immediately went to work and was so knowledgeable even discovering issues I wasn’t aware of. In no time she had my laptop running well, security in place, malware removed, applications installed that I wanted and even functionality in place for ease of use as well as processes in place to manage my computer going forward.

She is so knowledgeable and exudes confidence that I was at ease with the suggestions she made and she saved me money through resources she had available. Don’t suffer from a poorly functioning computer, get the help you need now.

Lisa O'Dell
Director of Operations - The Battle Within.
Elegantly African Ltd Logo 2021 - Singwa Enterprises, INC

” Singwa Enterprises, INC. is an amazing team. They built me an eCommerce website. They were honest and open with me and involved me every step of the way. They also trained me on how to manage the shop section in-house and that way my products are updated real-time.”

Shixy Shix
Founder - Elegantly African Ltd.

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