GaSherizs Organics

Brand Identity, Brand Packaging, logo design

We designed a versatile logo design and brand packaging for the GaSherizs Organics brand, which focuses on natural, local, and organic products.

Business type

GaSherizs Organics is an organic food company that adds value to locally grown foods such as tomatoes and peppers by creating tomato pastes, sweet and sour chili pastes, and garlic chili paste. In addition, they make banana bread and cupcakes.

Their products are made from scratch with local ingredients and contain no additives. They buy from local farmers who grow it organically to keep their food fresh.

Prospective clients

The final products target markets, homes, restaurants, and anyone looking to add value, quality, and flavour to their meals.

Scope of work

— Logo Design System
— Typography, Color
— Brand Packaging
— Brand Guidelines

GaSherizs Organics White Logo
GaSherizs Organics Yellow Logo
GaSherizs Organics Red Logo
GaSherizs Organics Dark Green Logo
GaSherizs Organics Green Logo
Iconic Logo Mark

The Symbol/Icon was inspired by two key elements: tomatoes and chilli.

The primary icons in the GaSherizs logo are tomatoes and chilli peppers, which represent how consumers expect their products to look and how they provide a more natural experience.

Furthermore, a simple icon connects to GaSherizs' organic homemade foods, allowing people to figure out who they are and what they do quickly. The emphasis is solely on good vibes and enjoyable experiences. This is a widespread misunderstanding.

Logo Mark Exceptions

Except in black and white, the colour of the logo text mark must always correspond to the colour of the chilli icon mark in the logo.

GaSheriz Organics What inspired the iconic mark & exception Singwa Enterprises INC
GaSheriz Organics - Inconi Mark Inspiration Process - Singwa Enterprises INC
GaSheriz Organics Iconic Mark Explain and exceptions - Singwa Enterprises INC - Update
Brand Colors

The colour was inspired by the untouched beauty of fresh, ripe tomatoes and chillies.

In honour of the organic vegetables served by Gasherizs Organics, the vibrant, fresh palette pays homage to the hues of the food.

The four powerful primary colours, combined with a diverse range of secondary colours, create a rich, versatile colour palette that can be used in various ways.

GaSheriz Organics Color Palette and Brand Identity
Delivery Made Fun

GaSherizs Organic set out to provide a unique shopping experience for every one of its customers. They sought a design that was both approachable and visually appealing.

The brand language developed and used through several advertising campaigns, logo packaging, and external communications are strong statements balanced with a dash of playfulness. They are unmistakable and difficult to forget.

Fun phrases decorate the delivery bags. Most organic food companies use plain, uninteresting brown bags. These bags will include a sticker with clever words to make someone smile..

Scope of work

— Fun Delivery Bags
— Brand Packaging
— Apparel for staff

Brand identity for shopping bags, Delivery bags for GaSherizs organics made fun. Done by Singwa Enterprises INC.
Brand identity for shopping bags, Delivery bags for GaSherizs organics made fun. Done by Singwa Enterprises INC.
GaSherizs Organics - Brand - Identity - Delivery made fun - Singwa Enterprises INC - Shopping bag
GaSherizs Organics Brand Identity T-Shirts Design Opti
Brand Packaging

With the GaSherizs organics product line, we needed colours that could set each item apart from the others. Something unassuming, uncomplicated, and nostalgic. Typeface Yellowtail by Astigmatic is a fun, approachable, and eye-catching flat brush script typeface for product labels. Designed by Julieta Ulanovsky, Montserrat serves as an anchoring sans serif presence for body copy and headlines.

Gasherizs Organics Brand Identity -Packaging - Singwa Enterprises - INC
GaSheriz Organics Brand identity, Packaging label stickers,
Brand identity, Packaging label stickers,
Brand identity, Packaging label stickers,
Brand identity, Packaging label stickers,
Corporate Branding

The corporate branding of GaSherizs Organics aids in raising awareness and benefits of the organisation: It captures GaSherizs's personality. The spirit is inclusive, fun, and elevated. Let us relive our childhood memories of eating organic foods.

GaSherizs Organics - Brand Identity - Business Card - Singwa Enterprises INC - 800
Gasherizs Organics - Brand Identity - Signage - Singwa Enterprises INC
Singwa Enterprises, INC. created the brand identity for GaSherizs Organics.